Dealing with cybershop

Seller = or CyberShop Partner

Shopper = Buyer

  1. Shopper place order to Seller via Email.

  2. Wait for Seller reply for available stock. 

  3. If stock available and meet you requirement.  Then make payment to 

  4. received payment and notify Seller to delivery. hold the payment.

  5. Seller  delivery to Shopper.

  6. Shopper received goods within a week without complaint, this deal is closed.   

Dealing with Easy Shop



Seller = EasyShop

Shopper = Buyer

  1. Shopper place order to Seller via Email.

  2. Wait for Seller reply for available stock. 

  3. If stock available and meet you requirement.  Then make payment to Seller. 

  4. Seller received payment from Shopper.

  5. Seller delivery to Shopper.

  6. Shopper received goods, this deal is closed.   


*Note : is not involved with EasyShop transaction,   Easyshop is not related with

  CyberShop Products.
Order Terms:
1 One Shop one order, you cannot place a single order with various shop.
2 "Goods" sold no returnable. Unless the "Goods" spoiled/damaged within a week, return to us, we will arrange for replacement.
3 "Goods" sold no exchangeable.  When the goods delivered to your hand, its belong to you, and there is the end story with, unless spoiled/damaged within a week, you can ask for replacement.  If you feel the purchased item(s) do not met your expectation, ask for exchange to the others goods, sorry! we reserve the right to reject the requested. 


  Shopper - How to order
Order Rule and Procedure:
1. Register to be a member (if you not a member yet).
2.  Login with your member ID and Password
3. Make sure your member information content valid mailing address. 
4.  Go to Cyber Shop or Easy Shop to select the items you wish to order.

Fill in the quantity you want to buy, then click on the "Add Cart" button.   Then you can continue to order others items with same method. 

Note : One shop only one single "Sales Order"




There is 3 options for you to choose. 

  • Display Cart - View yours order, for checking all the ordered items before checkout.
  • Check Out - Confirm your order.
  • Empty Cart - Clear / Cancel your order.





Check the order items, quantity and shipment address, if correct then click on the 'Check Out' button to finalize the order.



9.  Click on  Empty Crt to clear/cancel the order
10.  Once we received your order, Cyber/Easy Shop owner must send you a response mail for Stock status, shipment and bank details, if you didn't received the response order email, please do not transfer your fund.
11. If received the response order email, and decided to make payment,  please bank in the fund into the given bank account by using  cash deposit machine or internet banking fund transfer system, then scan the bank in slip or email notify us immediately (info. with banking name, time, location, amount). 
12.  Payment received, shipment will process immediately by courier services, and you'll get it within 2~3 days time.
13. How to check your order status?


1. Login to your account.
2. Click on "Trans. History" To trace your history  Order/Invoice Status.
3. Order Status

DL Status - delivery status

  • "DL Kangaroo 102356230"
  1. DL- Delivery
  2. kangaroo - Courier Express Company
  3. 102356230 - Consignee Note use for tracking parcel
  • Pending
  1. delivery pending


PM Status - Payment status

  • Wait Payment - order place wait for payment confirm
  • Payment Received - payment received but seller not yet delivery.
  • Delivery Pending - Goods/Items packed but not yet delivery.
  • Delivery -  Goods/Items delivered or send to the transportation company, but not yet to seller hand.
  • Closed - Goods/Items reach to shopper hand without complaints, order closed.
  • Cancel - Order cancel. Shopper ignore order or not payment make. Or seller no response. 


Europe, Asia pacific, US, South America and Middle East Order
1.  Place your Order as the step shown above.
2. We will reply you the total weights of the goods, and quote you the cost of delivery (EMS). 
3. Make payment By Credit card, Western Union or Money Gram, and send us the Sender details like Last Name, First Name, Address and Control Number.
4. Before the delivery process, make sure you have provided the shipment address and contact phone number correctly.