m-sia.com cyber shop cooperation supplier, distributor, manufacturer
Items like :
  • Food and Beverage
  • Apparel and Fashion
  • Gift and Craft
  • Consumer Electronics 
  • Health & Beauty
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Telecommunications
  • etc.........
are welcome.


Cooperation terms :

  • Consignment basic/Direct ship from factory.
  • M-sia.com must be the only website to sell the product on internet.
  • Products sale via m-sia.com's cyber shop. 
  • Shopper Paid only for m-sia.com (Websoft Solution).
  • Own/OEM branded product only, Malaysia product are highly recommended .
  • Payment release to cooperate partner one month after goods delivery to the shopper (buyer) without any complaint.
  • Cooperation partner (direct ship basic) must keep the ready inventory,  notice us immediately when out of stock.
  • Delivery lead time no more than 3 days (direct ship basic).




Easy Shop
Items like :
  • Food and Beverage
  • Apparel and Fashion
  • Gift and Craft
  • Consumer Electronics 
  • Health & Beauty
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Telecommunications
  • etc.........
are welcome.


Cooperation terms :

  • Yours own cyber shop, with our easy manage shopping tools.
  • For Malaysia registered company only.
  • Open at least 4 local bank account (company saving or current account) for receiving payment, internet banking is highly recommended..
  • You must have board band line, PC, Digital camera and on hand ready goods/product for sell.
  • Must be concentrate in this business.
  • Delivery lead time no more than 3 days.
  • Shop owner is responsibility with the shopper.


  Prohibited Products.
 CyberShop Partner and Easy Shop. The following products and services CANNOT be sold:
  • Pornography & Adult Content
    • You can NOT sell any Adult subscription services, chat, or any pornography (pictures, videos, DVDs, magazines).
  • Firearms, Ammunition, High Capacity Magazines, Tasers, Stun Guns, Air Guns, Paint Guns, Weapons, Swords and Knives
  • Fireworks or Pyrotechnic Devices or Supplies
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Tobacco Products, Smoking Mixtures or Tobacco Substitutes
  • Drug Paraphernalia
  • Live Animals
  • Dating Sites, Find-a-Mate Sites, and Similar Sites
  • Donations or any structure in which the value of the transaction is significantly greater than the value of the goods or services traded.
  • Prescription Drugs or Devices, Controlled Substances, Unapproved Drugs, Unapproved Medical Devices
  • Hazardous Materials, Combustibles, Corrosives
  • Spyware, Spamware, E-Mail Advertising, Opt-In or Any Commercial Messaging Services
  • Gambling Transactions or Sports Gambling Prognostication, including fantasy league memberships, prizes and fees
  • Payment Processors, or any aggregation type services
  • Financial Services or Advice, Securities Trading, Insurance, Currency Exchange, Trading Signals, Etc..., Precious Metals
  • Any Service or Product Requiring a License to Practice, e.g. Legal, Medical or Therapy Services
  • Corporation Formation Services, Bank Account Establishment Services
  • Personal Information, "Leads," and Data Aggregation
  • Replica and Name Brand "Knock Off" Products
  • Travel Services, including Hotel, Airfare, Overnight Accommodations, Car Rental
  • IRC Chat Hosting, Game Server Hosting, Shell Accounts
  • Online Games and/or Online Game Pieces (e.g. Game "Armor," "Gold," etc.)
  • Any site with a Lottery, Raffle, or Contest
  • Credit Card Protection, Credit Repair Services, Applications for Financial Services or Loans, Collection Services
  • "Money Making Schemes", e.g. Matrix, Multi-level Marketing, Get-Paid-for-Surveys, Home Mailing Services, Secret Shopper Services, Etc...
  • Satellite Signal Decoding Products, Cards and Card Programming
  • Phone Chat Lines
  • Prepaid Phone Cards
  • Psychic Readings
  • Sites That Promote Hatred, Racism or Religious Persecution
  • IT Certification Test Exams and Study Aids
  • Services Using Credit Card Transactions as Deposits or Credits
  • Auction Sites, Auctions, or Selling Through Auction Sites, including advertising and service fees
  • Radar and Laser Detectors and Jammers
  • Recalled Products
  • Human Body Parts, Fluids, and Remains
  • Any product or service enabling consumers to circumvent locks, programming codes or security features, or to gain access to features or services for which they have not expressly paid

Sites that promote the sale or distribution of any of the above products or services


The following are RESTRICTED PRODUCTS:


  • Adult Toys, Novelties etc.
  • DVDs
  • Penis or Breast Enlargement Products
  • Pre-Adult Content - Pictures, Videos, etc. of Individuals Under the Age of 18 Years
  • Cultural Artifacts, Antiquities, Native American Artifacts
  • Gambling Supplies
  • Seminars, Event Tickets
  • Police and other Government Identification and Equipment



Sites found to be selling banned products or services are subject to immediate account termination, frozen funds, forfeiture of funds, fines, and/or order cancellations, all without notice.



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